Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter Season on Knoll Farm

Winter at Knoll Farms is a time for dark leafy greens: arugula, spinach, rapinis of all kinds and this year, broccoli di ciccio and lacinato kale. Eat Outside the Box is starting up on February 17 and I am ready. Although I shop at farmers' markets, I don't feel the same about the food. Knowing the Knolls and seeing the farm at different times of the year, make a big difference to me.

I would like all members to be able to make a trip or 2 out to the farms this year. I think it is important to see how and where our food is grown and will do what I can to facilitate this. Last year, our Slow Food chapter took a busload of interested people. This year, I'd like the CSA to make at least one trip. I think we have enough multi-person cars to carpool out and make several fun stops.

Also, Kristie suggested we go out to the farm when there is an abundance of fruit or tomatoes and have a canning party. People can bring their own jars, learn to can and go home with jars of provisions for midwinter when we don't get tomatoes or peaches. I can every year. I make jams, salsa, pickles, and sauces. I love to see the bright colors of the jars sitting on top of my shelves. I love to taste the summer during the winter for a change.


  1. I used to can every summer, and I'd LOVE it if I could go out and can at the farm.

  2. I'd love the opportunity to see the farm and create a connection of where and how my food is grown!

    I was just thinking how I want to learn canning a few days ago, so I won't pass up the chance!


  3. My children and I would love to visit the Knoll's farm!