Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sheila's Update Campo di Fiori

Today I received my first notes from Sheila in Florence. She said she would keep us informed about her travels and eating in Italy. It looks like someplace we would all love.

Gail - I've been to the market and picked up our arugula for the day,
along with other fresh fruits & vegetables for today's meals. We are
just a few blocks from the Campo di Fiori, one of Rome's open air
markets, and while shopping this morning, I took a lot of photos --
here's a photo for you -- I will post more on Flickr later tonight.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rapini Again

I just had a delicious and healthy lunch from our share this week. I made some pesto last night with our intense basil but didn't use it all. So I thought I'd try it with our rapini. I cleaned and cut up the rapini into bigger than bite size pieces. While boiling water for the rapini, I heated up my big wok and put in some olive oil. I added red pepper flakes and a dollop of pesto. It melted nicely. I cooked the rapini until the al dente stage. While it was draining, I added some of the sungold tomatoes to the pesto mixture. When drained, I put the rapini into the wok and cooked it all together until it was well blended. This would also be tasty on pasta if you're so inclined.

It was delicious!
Now, a Warren pear for dessert.