Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sharing Ideas

This week I was extremely happy to open my emails and find recipes!

Simple minds, simple pleasures.

I seek recipes that sound delicious to include in our weekly newsletters. Many of them I have tried, some I have not. I try to include some recipes that are easy and some that will challenge us all. I almost always use the recipes I include in the newsletters in the course of the week. Sometimes it gets difficult to find new things to do with wild radish greens or rapini. I know from the survey results that these are two items people tend to tire of. So, I really appreciated getting those recipes this week.

I think that seasonality is something most of us have lost touch with. In our supermarkets everything is always in season. We've forgotten that tomatoes and basil don't grow locally in March. We never learned how to utilize winter produce like cooking greens. Our kids expect apples and grapes year round.

I have started to appreciate seasonality. I am challenged with cooking greens like many people. I struggle to find new ways to get my family to eat rapini. But I keep trying to tune in to the seasons. I know when the summer is over, I am ready to say goodbye to tomatoes for awhile. I am ready to eat beets, potatoes and, yes, greens too. So, I know when the greens are finished, I will be ready for them to end. I will be ready to eat eggplant and summer squash. Until then, though, I will be eating greens and knowing that they are providing for me what I need most at this season.

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