Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is the spring here yet?

It may seem to many of you that winter is still here. However, although we are still eating a lot of greens, they have changed in nature. We have moved from rapinis (although we still get some) to the softer greens like the awesome Bloomsdale spinach and the delicate mixed leaf lettuces.

My favorites for the past 2 weeks have been the baby bok choy. I spent the day on Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market extolling the virtues of these leggy but tender little bites of spring. I was eating them raw while I spoke. I just couldn't seem to stop! The amazing thing about this to me was that I normally am not a bok choy fan. These, though, I find irresistible. The stems are sweet, the flowers are bright and cheery.

I made a light, brothy soup with mine for lunch yesterday but I could have eaten the whole bunch in a salad. Try the hot dressing I included in the newsletter. I want more!

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