Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring is Here

Wow!! I thought I had posted more recently than this. Many apologies to my members and blog followers.

Spring is really here. I had a friend tell me last week that fava beans are her kryptonite. I guess they make her weak. Me too! I love them so much, I gorge myself until they are no longer in season. I seek them out at farmers' markets. I search for more ways to eat them. Last night on pasta, today in a salad. My favorite is with grilled halloumi and mint. My mouth waters just thinking of these meals. But, alas all my favas are gone for the week.

I am excited about the beginning of the cherry season. Cherry and apricot crisp is my family's favorite dessert. But eating them out of hand, they are irresistible. They, like fava beans, have a short season. My tendency for eating seasonally is to eat the things I love when they are in season until I don't want them any more. Then I'm ready for the next thing. I always want fava beans, cherries, apricots and tomatoes.

I have a friend in Brentwood who grows sour cherries. I think they're Montmorency. Oh man! How I look forward to those.

Hang in there, eaters. More good things are on the way!!

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