Friday, August 20, 2010

Tess's Grapes

This morning I juiced some Black Emerald grapes from Tess's Garden. Wow. It was a beautiful ruby color and was so refreshing. My son Duncan and I drank it all in about ten seconds. I am wondering how it would be to make grape jelly using these or other seedless grapes. I may give it a try.

My crabapple jelly was less than successful. It didn't gel. I'm pretty sure it's because I reduced the sugar. I'm going to pick more crabapples and do it again.

By the way, Tess's Garden is trying to raise funds to build a commercial community kitchen in Brentwood, Contra Costa County. They are listed on the Pepsi Refresh Challenge this month. Vote for them. There will also be a fundraising bar-b-que at the garden on August 28.

Keep eating local.


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    I wanted to ask for your premission to use your picture of Tess's grapes in a post I am creating about the benefits of grapes, particularly for the heart.

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  2. Madelyn,
    the photo is from an online photo sharing site. Feel free to use it if you can copy and save it from the blog.